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LEAF in Africa: Film Collection

Many African farms exporting fresh produce to Europe have adopted LEAF principles of good agricultural practice and gained LEAF Marque certification.

Eleven short films, featuring African LEAF farmers giving their own examples of what LEAF in Africa means to them, are being shown to others in Africa, particularly smaller scale farmers. Now you can see them too.

African enthusiasm for good agricultural practice is good to hear – and see. LEAF, Waitrose, African fresh produce exporters and Green Shoots Productions have all been working with support of the UK Department for International Development’s Food Retail Industry Challenge (FRICH) fund to share good agricultural practice with African farmers.

The benefits of LEAF farming in Africa

Ernest Abloh is the charismatic production manager working with dozens of pineapple and mango farmers in Ghana. For him the benefits of LEAF are clear and numerous.


Managing Water Wisely

“Every drop of water counts, every part of Integrated Farm Management counts, that’s what being a LEAF farmer is all about.” So says Benson Njoroge from Kenya in his film about careful use of water.

Maintaining and creating habitats

You’d find it hard to meet a greater enthusiast for farm biodiversity than farm manager Phineas Kibaka. In a tour around a farm in central Kenya he explains how he farms with wildlife following LEAF’s IFM principles.

Caring for your soil

Can you understand the language of soil? Apollo Owuor, production manager for a network of farms across central Kenya, describes how soil talks to him. He wants other farmers to listen carefully too.


Farming with compost

Creating a precious soil improver from farm waste is a pillar of production of top quality crops. Dorothy Duodu is your guide to Ghana’s way to make and use compost on a large scale.

Crop protection

Knowing ‘who eats who’ has become a priority and a pleasure for Phineas Kibaka in Kenya. Growing ten crops at a time, the approach to crop protection is informed, gentle and successful.

Audits for success

Management tool, checklist, reminder: audits – whether internal or external – work well for Anne Wangechi and her team. From a farm on the northern slopes of Mount Kenya she shows how.

Relationships: growing together

Key to the success of the network of Ghana’s growers of export crops is the close working relationship between agronomists and farmers. Ernest Abloh explains how they build and maintain this teamwork.

Showing others what we do

Virginia Wango is expecting hundreds of school children and farmers to the first LEAF Open Farm Day in Kenya. The preparation and messages they share on the day are key to the event’s success.

Making maps

Emmanuel Graham makes maps for the LEAF Marque farmers he works with in Ghana. Whether made with a GPS device or pen and paper, the maps make a positive difference to farm management.

What IFM means in Africa

LEAF’s Integrated Farm Management makes sense of complex farm decision-making. This film outlines the key elements of IFM by showing what they are and how they interconnect on the farm .