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LEAF Marque Summit

Demonstrating Sustainability in the Food Supply Chain

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Held on Friday 8th April 2016: 9:30am to 2:30pm

Venue: M&S Conference Centre, 5 Merchant Square, London, W2 1AS

The LEAF Marque Summit brought together some of the industry's finest thinkers, technologists and farmers to debate the adoption and demonstration of more sustainable farming and discuss how the industry can most effectively work together to address the sustainability challenge at every point along the food supply chain.

LEAF Innovation Centres

Speakers included:

Sue Dibb, Coordinator, Eating Better: for a fair, green, healthy future
Caroline Drummond, Chief Executive, LEAF
Johnathan Sutton, Head of Agronomy & Fresh Produce, Marks and Spencer
Anthony Snell, A J & C I Snell
Guy Thallon, Group Sustainability and Research Manager, Produce World
Sarah-Jane Thompson, Head of Communication, Fresh Direct
Amy Jackson, Senior Manager, Learning and Membership, ISEAL Alliance

LEAF's fourth Global Impacts Report was presented at the event by Cedric Porter, Supply Intelligence, LEAF Board member.


The LEAF Marque Summit was kindly hosted by: