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What are Consumers Looking for?

The following report backs up the belief LEAF has about what assures consumers, for LEAF assurance is a range of tools for the whole food chain, from farmers through to consumers enabling informed decisions at all stages.

“What Assures Consumers? July 2006" By Maya Forstater and Jeannette Oelschaegel with Maria Sillanpää An AccountAbility/National Consumer Council Report.

  • Assuring consumers in the 21st century is going to be an increasingly difficult feat.
    Assurance needs to respond to consumers’ diversity and fluidity, access to information and vulnerability to influence, interconnectivity as communities of interest, and the troubling blend of fear and cynicism that pervades public and private debate.
  • There is no single route to assuring consumers. All routes will be subject to the enormous pressure of distrust generated at a system rather than a specific level.
    For example, whilst one company may be doing all the right things in building a reputation for trustworthiness, its efforts might be seriously undermined by the activities of another business over which they have no control whatsoever. Leadership companies can play a key role in supporting the development of the necessary assurance mechanisms at a systemic level.
  • Effective assurance needs to be able to communicate about values and commitments as well as independently verified information. 
    Consumers seek reasons to trust or distrust company claims based on their understanding of the underlying motivations of those involved rather than technical arguments about accuracy of information.
  • Effective assurance in the future is likely to be based on a joined-up approach, which spans different functions within companies, as well as a range of partner organisations.
    Assurance is not something that can be obtained through a once a- year audit process but must also integrate aspects of marketing, corporate communications, partnerships, staff training and consumer feedback processes.
  • Assurance tools and mechanisms which enable peer-to-peer assurance, particularly using new information communication technologies (ICT) applications and platforms
    They offer a key opportunity to scale-up from individual word-of-mouth processes while retaining the crucial personal connection between consumers.