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How to use the LEAF Marque logo or make a claim

Rules of use for the LEAF Marque logo

  • Only members of LEAF can apply and use the logo on their brand or of a third party brand on LEAF Marque certified product(s) and these member companies will need to use the LEAF Marque Chain of Custody system.
  • All packaging that carries the LEAF Marque logo will need to be approved by LEAF.  If the product contains less than 95% LEAF Marque certified ingredients it will need a qualifying statement(s).
  • To apply for a licence to use the LEAF Marque logo on pack or make an off pack marketing claim please use the LEAF Marque Chain of Custody.
  • Any brand / company / farm wishing to apply the LEAF Marque logo or make a claim about the product should consult LEAF at the earliest opportunity to ensure that they can meet all the requirements. Contact LEAF Marque
  • A LEAF Marque certified member checking service must be in place prior to any delivery / collection of LEAF Marque certified product(s)

Percentage of LEAF Marque Certified content in single and multi ingredient product

  • The percentage of certified content used in a product determines how the LEAF Marque logo may be used. LEAF encourages companies to use 100% certified content, whenever possible, in any packaging bearing the LEAF Marque logo.
  • Only products that contain at least 95% LEAF Marque certified can use the LEAF Marque logo on product packaging without a qualifying statement.
  • Products are only eligible to use the LEAF Marque logo when the percentage of LEAF Marque certified content reaches a minimum of 30% and then it must be the main ingredient(s). ie in a meat pie all the meat must be LEAF Marque.
  • The 30% LEAF Marque certified content level is considered a starting point. However, companies selling products bearing the LEAF Marque logo with less than 95% LEAF Marque certified content are required to scale up over time and achieve 100% of the ingredient sourced from LEAF Marque certified farms.
  • Products where the % of ingredients is less than 95% must carry a qualifying statement to ensure that it is clear what is LEAF Marque certified.