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Restaurants and Cafés

The LEAF Marque is a food label you and your customers can trust, from large restaurant chains to small cafe's, LEAF Marque food is the sustaianable choice for you.

LEAF can give you access to the LEAF Marque supply chain directory so you can purchase LEAF Marque food either direct from farms or from wholesalers, distributers, packers and processors. If you join LEAF as a LEAF Marque Buyer and seller then you can have an entry in our supply chain directory and have many consumers who are looking for LEAF Marque food find you. If you are Farm shop or a large retailer and want to give consumers a choice to buy into a better environment then LEAF Marque will do just that and we will help promote your business. 

You can Join LEAF and start buying and selling LEAF Marque produce and telling your customers about the producers who grow the food.