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LEAF Marque checking services

LEAF Marque checker

Use the search facility in myLEAF to find a LEAF Marque producer. You may search for a producer by company name, LEAF Tracks number, site address or postcode.Request access in myLEAF in service upgrades  "Access supply chain directory".


Additional Tracking Services

In addition to the myLEAF industry services LEAF offers a professional status tracker service. This is a commercial service available to bona-fide buyers of LEAF Marque. An annual fee is charged for bulk checking services. We currently offer the following range of online assurance services:

Online Status Tracking - This service allows you to monitor the approval status of any number of scheme members. By tagging all the scheme members whose certification status you wish to monitor, status tracker then produces reports informing you of the status of all your tagged members.

Offline Status Tracking - Offline checking and tracking system for the CASI database. Provides downloads of live status, profiles and histories for local reference, archiving and data connections to client software applications. Updates and scheduled notifications of tagged sets of members' status, profile and account history changes.

Certification Email Alerts - Receive emails informing you of changes of the certification status of any of the scheme members you are monitoring.

XML Checking Services - Integrate status tracking directly with your internal I.T.

To purchase status tracking services, you first need to have LEAF Marque industry access. Click here to request industry access.

If you are already a LEAF Marque Industry user, please click to purchase services below.

If you have any queries about the service, please contact [email protected] or phone 0247 6413 911