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Simply Sustainable Soils: Case studies

We have been working to provide you with practical on-farm data and guidance behind the assessment in the Simply Sustainable Soils booklet. This data has been compiled into a set of case studies to act as a reservoir of suggestions and ideas for LEAF members.

A selection of LEAF Demonstration Farms and ASDA farms were visited which included a wide range of soil, farm and enterprise types. A sample selection of case studies is available on the links below and more can be accessed through MyLEAF.

  Farm name Location Farm type Soil type Size (ha) Download
Elveden Farms Norfolk Arable and vegetable Sandy loam 4047 Download PDF (1 mb)
Morriston Farm Ayrshire Arable Sandy loam 700 Download PDF (1 mb)
Elm House Farm Yorkshire Beef Clay loam and light sand 120 Download PDF (2.4 mb)
North Bellshill Farm Northumberland Mixed Sandy loam 136 Download PDF (1.2 mb)
JB Shropshire Cambridgeshire Mixed Peat 1643 Download PDF (1.9 mb)
Lower Highfield Farm Lancashire Beef and Lamb Clay 102 Download PDF (2.3 mb)
Longlands Farm Derbyshire Dairy Medium loam 178 Download PDF (1.5 mb)