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Tim Lewis, Lewis Partners

Tim Lewis

Tim and his father took over the tenancy of Shotford Hall Farm in 2000. They run a 147 cow dairy herd. Some are bred with Holsteins to give replacement heifers and bulls to finish on barley. Others are bred with Limousins and Belgian Blues to supply a local suckler herd with replacement heifers and steers for finishing.

Time is divided between the farm, contract farming, partner cultivating and lifting sugar beet. Tim is assisted by a full time arable operator and a full time herdsman who manages the dairy unit.





I love farming. It’s a fantastic way of life and I feel hugely privileged to do what I do. I want my children to have a future in farming and to pass on a profitable business, working hand in hand with nature. Being a member of LEAF gives me the support I need to achieve this.

Tim benefits from his LEAF membership in many areas of his business, find out more by clicking on the relevant headers below.

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