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Nick, together with his father, farm West Stoke Farm on the Hampshire Downs, just north of Winchester. West Stoke Farms forms part of John Rowsell Limited, which is a complex and dispersed enterprise, with land situated on two main sites. Some 140 hectares are in agri-environment schemes. Nick does not follow a rigid crop rotation but balances his decisions based on sound agronomics and market conditions.




I believe we at the forefront of environmentally responsible farming. This was one of the main reasons I joined LEAF. I became aware of LEAF at an event and thought “ah, that’s what we’re doing”. Becoming a member has enabled us to implement the principles of IFM in a more formal and less ‘ad-hoc’ way.

Find out how Nick has made significant savings as a result of LEAF membershipFind out how the environment at West Stoke Farm has benefited from LEAF membershipFind out how Nick uses the social benefits of LEAF membership