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We’ve always managed the farm in an environmentally responsible way, seeing ourselves as stewards of the countryside. The LEAF Audit has really drawn our attention to wider sustainability issues and made us think critically about what we do.

The LEAF AuditWe have questioned our whole water management approach and whether we were using our boreholes efficiently. As a result, we’ve introduced trickle irrigation systems and seen a 30% reduction in our water use. Doing the LEAF Audit was a catalyst to us developing our energy policy. We’ve introduced inverters for the boreholes and cold stores, use light sensors and produce a range of farm grown sustainable fuels to reduce our carbon footprint. We can now run five vehicles and produce power for the packing plant on pure plant oil.


"The way our commercial farming activities have been honed alongside the LEAF principles has certainly helped the harmony between our farming and conservation activities."

Our wildlife management has also improved. Now we leave areas of the land fallow to provide habitat for lapwings and have seen a significant increase in bird species. I believe this is directly attributable to following LEAF’s Integrated Farm Management.

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