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We became members of LEAF five years ago. LEAF’s promotion of a balanced, whole farming approach fitted exactly with our own views. We like the self-assessment approach as it allows us to make our own decisions that best fit our farm, its location and our business priorities. We’ve seen a number of financial benefits from our membership, particularly through doing the LEAF Audit and gaining LEAF Marque certification.

The LEAF Audit

We were already supplying our cheese to Waitrose but we hope that having the LEAF Marque will help us secure our contract in the future. We also sell at local markets and shows, people really like hearing the story behind our cheese and having the LEAF Marque gives us a unique selling point. In fact, we were the first cheese producers in the country to become LEAF Marque certified!

"We really believe in the balanced approach to farm management that LEAF promotes. By being a member and becoming LEAF Marque certified, we get an endorsement for the IFM practices we are already doing."

We are always looking at new ideas to improve on what we’re doing on the farm. Completing the LEAF Audit helps keeps us on our toes! For example, it made us more aware of our energy efficiency and now we’ve stopped using a hot wash in the parlour in the afternoon, which has resulted in significant cost savings.

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