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Looking after our wonderful countryside and ensuring we sustain it for future generations, drives everything we do on the farm. We are custodians of the countryside and it is our job to make sure our farming practices have a positive environmental impact.

"We’ve always been environmentally aware, but being a LEAF member has helped change our attitude to the environment and cemented some of our ideas."


Being a member of LEAF and doing the LEAF Audit helps keep you abreast of new developments. Attending LEAF training and demonstration events with my staff helps them to understand what direction I am taking the farm. For example, we listened to a talk on bumble bee plots. I know when I go back to the farm and put one in myself, they will understand why I want to do it!

LEAF’s Integrated Farm Management principles, have definitely had a positive impact on the farm’s biodiversity – we regularly see brown hares, buzzards, lapwings and sparrows. We have also seen a significant increase in bumble bees, particularly on clover flowers in our grazing paddocks, as well as beetles, grasshoppers, moths and other insects in our field margins.

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You can make a positive impact on the environment too, join LEAF today and start to benefit.

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