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Although I don’t carry out the LEAF Audit every year, Integrated Farm Management (IFM) runs through everything I do on the farm. The main messages I take from IFM are the importance of knowledge, planning, monitoring and communication. I know that if I incorporate these four elements into the way I farm, then it will work!

Being a member of LEAF encourages me to question how I manage every aspect of the farm and how each area relates to the other. It’s a whole farm approach. For example, I have an optimal and targeted approach to my agrochemical applications and a real appreciation of thresholds.

"LEAF membership has certainly improved my habitat management. I’ve gained a much greater understanding of the finer workings of the biodiversity on the farm. Furthermore, the LEAF Audit helps keep me up to date with regulatory requirements and, because they inspect on risk, if you’re a member of LEAF, you’re probably going to drop down the list."

LEAF Audit

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