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David Felce, Midloe Grange Farm

David FelceDavid and his wife, Hayley, farm Midloe Grange Farm, a lowland arable farm near Huntingdon on the Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire border. The whole farm has been in a Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS) since 1992. As well as working full time on the farm, David provides agronomy services and gives nutritional advice to a number of local farms. He has also set up his own discussion group with local farmers.

“LEAF promotes what used to be called ‘good farming’. LEAF membership gives us a really useful framework to everything we do.”




I’ve been a member of LEAF since 1998 and became a LEAF Demonstration Farmer in 2000. I have always had a sympathetic approach to the environment and many LEAF principles match what we are doing on the farm. LEAF membership provides a really useful framework to everything we do and puts us ahead of the game in many respects

David benefits from his LEAF membership in many areas of his business, find out more by clicking on the relevant headers below.

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