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LEAF Membership

See how to join LEAF if you have multiple sites or groups of farms

Be part of a common sense future for agriculture

Membership to LEAF provides you with practical guidance to improve your environmental and business performance and to take pride and profit from producing food while caring for the countryside. As a member you will also support our work in explaining to policymakers, food chain businesses and the public how farmers produce safe and nutritious food, look after the environment and contribute to thriving rural communities.

Strengthen your business

LEAF provides the LEAF Integrated Farm Management Guide and a range of management tools, including the LEAF Sustainable Farming Review, the Green Box and guidelines. The LEAF Sustainable Farming Review is a comprehensive business and environmental health check developed by farmers, for farmers. Completing the review demonstrates commitment to improving the farm’s environmental and financial performance. The review is the first step towards LEAF Marque certification. Government and other professional organisations also recognise the value of the LEAF Sustainable Farming Review which earns you:

  • BASIS  8 points
  • NRoSO 2 points
  • DairyPro 8 points


Help the public understand farming

LEAF is creating a better public understanding of farming through its national network of Demonstration Farms and Innovation Centres open throughout the year to visitors who include ramblers, students, farmers and government officials. LEAF also organises Open Farm Sunday – the farming industry’s annual open day when hundreds of farms across the country open up to welcome thousands of members of the public out on to farm.

Speak Out for UK agriculture

LEAF is proud of its members and puts great effort into encouraging farmers to ‘Speak Out’ about what they do. LEAF’s Speak Out initiative encourages farmers to improve their communications skills and provides them with the know-how to explain what they do and why they do it. We have also produced a collection of farm information boards to help farmers give hard facts about British agriculture.

LEAF Marque

LEAF takes best farming practice right through to the consumer. The LEAF Marque label on food assures the public that it has been produced to a high standard of environmental care. The Marque also gives farmers recognition and reward for their care of the countryside and helps them secure increased market share. The LEAF Marque certification standard complements existing farm and food assurance schemes. To qualify for the Marque, farmers and growers need to complete the LEAF Sustainable Farming Review and be independently verified against our high environmental standards for soil management, energy and water efficiency, crop protection and animal husbandry.