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The James Hutton Institute


The James Hutton Institute is a LEAF Innovation Centre, committed to research and outreach in environmentally sustainable farming. At present, most LEAF activities take place at the arable farms of Balruddery and Mylnefield, close to Dundee and the Tay estuary in an area of productive farmland. Plans are in hand to extend LEAF-related work to the Institute’s upland farm at Glensaugh between Dundee and Aberdeen and to Hartwood Home Farm in Lanarkshire.

The Institute is a lead centre in the science and practice of sustainable agriculture and environment. Its approach combines innovative field management with advanced crop varieties to maintain a healthy balance of outputs. It aims to achieve yield and quality of product with reduced inputs, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and to enhance the stock of natural capital, in terms of soil, biodiversity and an attractive farmed landscape, for future generations.

About 600 people work at the James Hutton Institute, from graduate scientists and visiting workers to support staff and students. The capability in integrated farming has been raised in recent years by the commitment to a long term, field-based research platform – the 42 hectare Centre for Sustainable Cropping at Balruddery Farm.


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