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Working in Partnership

LEAF works in partnership with a number of like-minded organisations supporting the development, demonstration and uptake of more sustainable farming. 

Agricology is a ‘one-stop shop’ for practical, independent information about sustainable agriculture for UK farmers and growers. It picks the best available resources featuring information about a range of farming approaches including, Integrated Farming Management, organic farming, permaculture and conservation agriculture.  www.agricology.co.uk

The Campaign for the Farmed Environment helps farming businesses, by signposting to best practice in soil management, crop nutrition and pesticide use. CFE helps farmers support the natural environment, whilst farming productively. www.cfeonline.org.uk

Innovative Farmers is a not for profit initiative giving farmers research support and funding and focuses on finding sustainable solutions to farmers’ practical problems through trialling, testing and hands-on research. www.innovativefarmers.org

The Sustainable Intensification Research Platform (SIP) is a multi-organisation research programme, funded by Defra, to collectively explore the opportunities and risks for SI, from a range of farming perspectives and at a range of scales, across England and Wales. www.siplatform.org.uk

The Jordans Farm Partnership is an innovative partnership between LEAF, The Wildlife Trusts, Jordans and The Prince’s Countryside Fund to promote sustainable farming practice and address rural development issues.