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What is LEAF's Integrated Farm Management (IFM)?

IFM Definition

‘Integrated Farm Management (IFM) is a whole farm business approach that delivers sustainable farming.’ 

IFM uses the best of modern technology and traditional methods to deliver prosperous farming that enriches the environment and engages local communities. 

A farm business managed to IFM principles will demonstrate site-specific and continuous improvement across the whole farm addressing:

-         Organisation and Planning

-         Soil Management and Fertility

-         Crop Health and Protection

-         Pollution Control and By-Product Management

-         Animal Husbandry

-         Energy Efficiency

-         Water Management

-         Landscape and Nature Conservation

-         Community Engagement

IFM provides a framework for farmers to adopt sustainable business solutions.  It delivers efficient and profitable production which is economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally responsible.  IFM integrates beneficial natural processes into best modern farming practices.  By using the most appropriate technology, science and innovations together with tried and tested approaches, skills, experience and knowledge, IFM delivers a productive agriculture alongside minimal environmental risks whilst conserving, enhancing and recreating that which is of environmental importance.

IFM is geared towards sustaining and optimising the use of all resources on farm, including soil, water, air, staff, machinery, capital and wildlife habitats, landscape and archaeological features.  Its successful uptake requires a detailed understanding of the business and an innovative and challenging approach.

With IFM attention to detail is key. Wise, efficient use of resources, smarter approaches to business planning and new technologies all contribute to increasing productivity whilst protecting our valuable resources. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a core component of IFM and is something LEAF farmers have been championing for the past 22 years. Read more about IPM