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What is the LEAF Marque?

LEAF Marque is a farm assurance system, showing that food has been grown sustainably with care for the environment.

LEAF Marque is a standards system that delivers sustainable food and farming through the adoption of LEAF’s Integrated Farm Management and gives the consumer the power to buy sustainable food by choosing the LEAF Marque label.

The LEAF Marque is not just another farm assurance scheme - it offers so much more!

So what are the tangible benefits of becoming LEAF Marque certified?  

  • LEAF Marque farmers prove their commitment to high standards of food production by carrying out Integrated Farm Management (IFM)
  • LEAF’s IFM brings benefits to wildlife, reduces the risk of pollution and helps LEAF farmers demonstrate their environmental credentials, whilst growing food with respect for the environment.
  • LEAF Marque will enable farms to continual improve their sustainable farming practices
  • The LEAF Marque is seen as an ethical label representing sustainable food
  • Many large retailers, including supermarkets, food processing and food service companies, are keen to do business with LEAF Marque farmers. The LEAF logo appears on retailers and caterers shelves, providing a clear indicator of high environmental standards in food production, as well as giving customers reassurance

To be LEAF Marque certified you must first join LEAF.