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LEAF Marque benefits

Strengthen your business

Through rigorous appraisal to internationally recognised standards, LEAF Marque farmers prove their commitment to high standards of food production. This means they are not just doing it right today, but also they have the systems in place to make sure they do it right tomorrow and sustainably into the future.

A LEAF Marque certified producer, supplier or buyer in their markets, is part of a network where standards and traceability strengthen business and consumer confidence and certainty.

Build consumer confidence

Following LEAF farming principles brings benefits to wildlife, reduces the risk of pollution and helps you demonstrate that you produce safe, high quality, environmentally responsible food. This is why many of the big supermarkets and food processing companies are so keen to do business with LEAF farmers. And now through the LEAF Marque, the LEAF logo is appearing on supermarket shelves, providing a clear indication of high environmental standards in food production.

Promote your business

As a LEAF Marque certified producer you can use the LEAF Marque logo on packaging and retail packs, apply for a licence for each SKU using the LEAF Marque Chain of Custody.  This web site provides advertising and promotional services for producers. In association with other food standards organisations and major food retailers, LEAF members can benefit from data and infomation distribution systems designed to promote both best practice and commercial benefit for producers.