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How to be LEAF Marque Certified


Join LEAF the charity - see how to structure your membership and LEAF Marque certificate


Complete the LEAF Sustainable Farming Review


Implement IFM and become compliant to the standard, available on the website


Register and complete an application form provided by your certification Body - See full list


Complete the LEAF Marque Chain of Custody - registering your grown and output products and complete the desktop audit.


Annual inspection at same time as other farm assurance schemes (Cost from £225)


3 months to clear non-conformances after first inspection - see membership rules


28 days to clear non-conformances after subsequent inspections


Issue of certificate by certification body


Complete the LEAF Marque Chain of Custody to use the LEAF Marque logo on produce


Services for LEAF Marque farms

The following can be found in myLEAF:

LEAF Sustainable Farming Review - access available once you have joined LEAF

Warranty Chain agreement - Available to complete when the certification body has registered your account on the LEAF database

Contact a certification body - Find a certification body to enquire about LEAF Marque certification fees or to request an application form

Certification status - Available to view once the certification body has registered you on the LEAF database

Update your certification body - Once you have a registered LEAF Marque account with your Certification body you will be able inform them of any changes to your contact details

Edit your supply chain directory entry - Once you have completed your warranty chain agreement you can edit your directory entry in the supply chain directory

Water efficiency questionnaire - the standard (7.3) requires you to complete this questionnaire 

If you have any questions please email the Certification and Assurance Manager [email protected] or ring +44 7590 44 56 39