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LEAF Marque Standard v14.0.

The new version of the LEAF Marque Standard has been published and it is effective from the 1st of January 2017.

Revising the LEAF Marque Standard provides the opportunity to continually improve the Standard based on experience gained, lessons learned, and input provided during the implementation of the previous Standards (v13.0 and earlier). In addition, as a Full Member of the ISEAL Alliance, LEAF Marque is committed to revising the Standard taking into account feedback during stakeholder consultation.

The first public consultation for v14.0 was in March/April 2016. The second public consultation was in June/July 2016.

LEAF Marque is very grateful to all those involved in the continual development of the LEAF Marque Standard. In particular, we would like to thank the LEAF Marque Technical Advisory Committee.

Following these consultations we are proud to announce that the latest English version of the Standard can be found here. This updated standard will come into effect on 1 January 2017.

The LEAF Marque Standard has been updated in terms of the style and design and 1 CP (1.12) has been upgraded to Essential (E) previously CFP.

There are 6 new Control Points – 4 around the LEAF Marque Chain of Custody (1.18 – 1.21); 1 on energy optimisation (8.4) and 1 on recording on-farm habitats.

The LEAF Marque Standard v14.0 will be available soon in French, Spanish and Italian which will be available here once the changes have been translated. The English version of the Standard is the definitive version and therefore any issues of interpretation from other translations need to be referred to the English version.