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LEAF Marque Governance

This area of the website shows how LEAF Marque is managed, including the setting of the standard, decision making process, stakeholder engagement, LEAF Public System Reports, LEAF Marque indicators, a list of IFM research papers / case studies and other governance matters

LEAF Marque Governance Structure and Stakeholder Engagement
LEAF Board of Trustees
The present LEAF Board of Trustees consists of a Chair and 10 members; the LEAF Chief Executive Officer (CEO) also attends the meetings. The Board of Trustees oversees all matters relating to LEAF’s charitable status including finance, personnel and legal issues. Their head office is based at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, England, UK, and provides all administrative support.
The LEAF Board of Trustees is also supported by the LEAF Policy and Strategic Development Committiee, the LEAF Advisory Board and the LEAF Marque Board.
LEAF Marque Board
The LEAF Marque Board is the statutory board for LEAF Marque Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of LEAF the “charity”. The LEAF Marque Board works in close co-operation with the LEAF Board of Trustees, the LEAF Marque TAC (Technical Advisory Committee) and all other stakeholder groups within LEAF. It has its own Terms of Reference which are binding for the activities of the LEAF Marque Board.
LEAF Marque Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) 
The present LEAF Marque Technical Advisory Committee is made up of different intergovernmental, nongovernmental, academic, producer, retailer and certification organisations. They meet on a quarterly basis and work in conjunction with the LEAF Technical team. The TAC will, from time to time under the LEAF Marque TAC Terms of Reference, be able to consult other experts to comment on certain technical developments of the LEAF Marque Standard.
Expert/Working Groups
Through its outreachand from past consultations, LEAF has had a positive response from a range of different stakeholders. This has provided LEAF with a further group to liaise with for future consultations. The present group comprises 
stakeholders representing 16 countries and 4 continents. They form an important LEAF Marque Working Group. 

LEAF Public System Reports and Stakeholder Mapping

LEAF's Public System Reports on its Standard Setting, Assurance and Impacts are listed below. They give a summary of how LEAF has established its work in these areas and how it intends to develop this in the future. Comments are welcome from any interested parties - please let us know using the feed back form below or our Complaints and Enquiries form. The LEAF Marque Stakeholder Mapping document describes this stakeholder engagement over the last few years.Through mapping and by providing meaningful opportunities to contribute, a balance of sectors including those indirectly affected by the Standard, interested representatives will be promoted by LEAF, its stakeholders and producers.

LEAF Marque Standard Setting Procedure

The LEAF Marque Standard Setting Procedure follows the ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Setting Social and Environmental Standards. More detail can be found in the full document found on this page.

If you would like to comment on this procedure, please contact [email protected].

Version 14.1

Version 14.1 of the LEAF Marque Standard was published on 23 December 2016 (after a revison of version 14.0) and it came into effect on 1 January 2017.

Version 15.0

The LEAF Marque Board has approved the timeframe for v.15.0 of the Standard to be in no less than 2 years (i.e. earliest publication 1 October 2018).


Comments and Complaints to LEAF

Your feedback is important to LEAF to ensure that we continue to improve the services we offer.

LEAF welcomes all stakeholder comments and questions to help its continuous improvement work in sustainable farming. This can include feedback on all aspects of LEAF, including comments on the LEAF Marque Standard system (e. g. standard setting, assurance, certification bodies, M&E system, procedures, fraudulent claims and impacts).

LEAF will ensure that all enquiries, comments, questions or complaints are handled responsibly, professionally and in an impartial manner. 

How Do I Submit a Complaint?

LEAF welcomes you to use our LEAF Complaints Procedure in case you have a complaint. The procedure aims to facilitate solutions to issues of dispute in a transparent way; prevent possible future disputes; facilitate continuous improvement within LEAF; support stakeholder satisfaction, and to bring ideas from outside in. Please submit your complaint throught the Complaints Questionnaire

What LEAF will do?

LEAF will ensure that all enquiries, comments, questions or complaints are handled responsibly, professionally and in an impartial manner. LEAF will respond within 5 working days to acknowledge your complaint. LEAF aims to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible upon receipt. Where a complaint needs more time, we will inform the submitter of this and give an expected date of resolution

All LEAF Marque complaints will be entered anonymously into the LEAF Marque Complaints Resolution Log.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings 2017

      30 March 2017
      23 May 2017 
      05 September 2017
      05 December 2017 

If you have any issues you need to raise regarding the technical development of the LEAF Marque Standard including the standard setting procedure, matters relating to assurance or the outcome and impact of the LEAF Marque Standard - please let us know using the feed back form below or our Complaints and Enquiries form .

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