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LEAF Marque

LEAF Marque is a farm assurance system, showing that food has been grown sustainably with care for the environment.

LEAF is a Full member of the ISEAL Alliance

Achieving ISEAL membership is a considerable accomplishment for international multi-stakeholder sustainability standards and accreditation bodies. ISEAL members boast a high credibility among businesses, governments and other stakeholders due to their compliance with ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice and because they have credible systems in place that are essential for delivering social, environmental and economic impact.

ISEAL membership involves progressive compliance with ISEAL’s Standard-Setting, Impacts and Assurance Codes, verified through independent evaluation and peer review, as well as a commitment to continuous learning. ISEAL members form a network of standards organisations that collaborate, innovate and drive the sustainability standards movement forward.

To ask any questions or to get involved in LEAF Marque please email

The LEAF Marque is a food label consumers and the food industry trust

Investment in LEAF Marque certification is a real commitment to the whole food chain, providing you, the producer, with a genuine commercial advantage in the demanding premium and assured food markets.  In a 2010 survey of LEAF members 66% of LEAF farmers agreed with the statement ‘by adopting LEAF and IFM principles we have benefitted financially’, on average each farm saved £14,000 (or £40.00 per hectare).

If you want to save money, join LEAF for tangible financial and environmental benefits delivered through IFM.


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