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High Meadow Farm


Ashford Carbonel Ludlow Shropshire
Postcode: SY8 4BS

The Farm
High Meadow Farm is 319 acre predominantly arable farm, lying just south of Ludlow, nestling in the heart of the Shropshire countryside. It has been our home and business for many years and we have a strong tradition of caring for the environment with sound, practical farming.

We run a small herd of Herefordshire cattle which produce quality meat that we sell locally. Animal welfare is top priority and the cattle are kept with their best welfare interests at heart. They graze the herb-rich pastures and are slaughtered locally to minimise stress. Every effort is made ensure that grass management is as natural as possible. Manure is regularly applied and land is tested for nutrient deficiency.

Crops for Food
We follow a traditional mixed rotation of winter wheat, oil seed rape, potatoes and beans, all grown on contract with specific end market use, such as Bread making wheat for Warburton’s. We make every effort to reduce the need for crop sprays by following good husbandry practices including careful crop rotations and using appropriate seed varieties.

We do everything we can to preserve and enhance the wildlife habitats on the farm – we work with nature rather than against it. Woodland coppicing, tree planting, water management and soil conditioning form the backbone of our environmental management. We are also establishing a number of grass and wildlife margins around the farm. We lay hedges on a regular basis which provide food and cover for birds and insects as well as creating a valuable wildlife corridor through the farm. Woodpeckers, kingfishers, buzzards and woodcocks are all regular visitors to the farm and we manage their habitats sensitively to ensure their continued survival.

I want to share what we are doing here with others. Visits to High Meadow Farm can be arranged through the LEAF Office.

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