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Tangmere Airfield Nurseries Ltd


The Old Airfield, City Fields Way, Tangmere, Chichester, West Sussex,
Postcode: PO20 2FT

Tangmere Airfield Nurseries Ltd is a large sweet pepper growing business located in West Sussex, with more than 100 acres of state of the art glasshouse facilities in the UK and also in Spain.   


Crops for Food

We grow over 60 million sweet peppers every year and supply most of the UK major retailers as well as to the wholesale market.  Tangmere Airfield Nurseries Ltd is an industry leader in growing top quality peppers through cutting edge technology and commitment to environmental sustainability, food safety standards and an extensive programme of research and development.  We are constantly looking to drive efficiency and reduce waste, using biological growing practices and encouraging innovation. Our aim is to grow the best and most flavoursome peppers in a sustainable way using the very latest technology. 



Peppers are a fascinating crop with their huge variety of colours, shapes and even smells!  We want to pass on our passion for peppers to the wider public and raise awareness of the care we take to grow them sustainably using the very latest technology.  We regularly host visits to Tangmere for the public, local schools and other growers. We regularly get involved in Open Farm Sunday which is a great way to get closer to our local community and building links with schools and a wide range of local interest groups.  Sharing with people what we do to produce great tasting peppers with care for the environment is hugely rewarding. 



Our aim is to work with nature to optimise the unique ecosystem of the glasshouse environment.  Our Integrated Farm Management approach is all about striking the right balance between the needs of the crop and the wider environment.  We try to reduce waste wherever possible – recycling all our cardboard and clear plastic and re-using the mattresses in the metal bins that protect the peppers during picking.  In addition, our on-site electricity generating station allows us to use the waste heat and CO2 produced during electricity production to help grow more peppers.  We do not use any herbicides or fungicides, instead we use beneficial insects to control pests like aphids and thrips.  The use of biological control methods is a key part of IFM as it reduces our reliance on synthetic plant protection products, which we only use when absolutely necessary. 



As a LEAF Demonstration Farm, we will act as a ‘living classroom’ demonstrating and promoting how peppers can be grown with care for the environment following LEAF’s principles of Integrated Farm Management.   Growing in glasshouses requires cutting edge technology and we want to share with others what we do and why.  

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