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Working with Waitrose

Watch the video to see how LEAF has worked with Kenyan farmers.

Waitrose has fostered the growth of sustainable agricultural practices across Africa by helping growers to adapt their cultivation and production processes to meet the environmental requirements of the LEAF Marque standard. Waitrose, which has used the LEAF Marque guarantee for UK fresh grown produce, announced a commitment to help ALL its suppliers operate in a productive and environmentally responsible way. The project – a partnership between Waitrose and Green Shoots Productions, LEAF, (British & Brazilian), Blue Skies, Sunripe and Wealmoor – was completed in 2012.

LEAF Marque status has been achieved on some larger farms in Kenya and through Blue Skies with a number of its supplying farmers in Ghana. The project’s thrust was to enable smallholders to fully understand and adopt the Integrated Farm Management (IFM) principles underpinning the LEAF Marque for themselves. The initial farmer focus was with 3 farmer pilot groups in Kenya growing vegetables. These groups were taught environmentally friendly IFM practices. A training suite of short video stories ( told by African agronomists and farmers ) illustrating the ten key aspects of IFM was produced which was also used for all Waitrose’s African suppliers.

Working with Green Shoots Productions www.green-shoots.org and the Waitrose Consumer Insight Team, a key component of the project was the development of innovative communication tools that enabled the farms and farmers to be seen and heard by consumers, school children and opinion-influencers such as farmers in the UK. 

Watch the video to see how LEAF has also worked in Ghana