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Become a Friend of LEAF

LEAF’s mission is to inspire and enable prosperous farming that enriches the environment and engages local communities.

As a Friend of LEAF you can support our work bringing farmers and consumers closer together out in the countryside and when you buy your food.

We work with farmers to encourage productive and innovative approaches to environmentally responsible farming and as a Friend of LEAF you can get involved through visits to the LEAF Demonstration Farms or through looking out for the LEAF Marque in store.

If we want to get the balance right through improving our productivity and working with nature then, not only do we need to ensure that we adopt more integrated approaches, but also share ideas and experiences with our customers and the many environmental groups and industry partners we work with. This is what LEAF does through the LEAF Marque, our farms and Open Farm Sunday.

If you would like to learn more about our work then join on line or plan a trip to a LEAF Demonstration Farm.