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LEAF - For a Sustainable Future

The rate of farming change is fast. The direction of change is for the better. Paul Mansfield and Lionel Payan think so. It’s interesting to hear their views in conversation with Susie Emmett at Mansfield’s Fruit Farms in Kent and with British and Brazilian’s Jack Wilder at the Soldive farm in Senegal, West Africa. The crop, the agronomy, the locations are all different so just how much do these farms have in common?

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LEAF - Wise Resource Use

Wise use of precious resources has always been a pillar of the LEAF approach to farming. Ken Parkinson, who has been growing tomatoes on the English south coast for more than 35 years and Benson Njoroge, who grows fantastic fresh produce on the slopes of one of Kenya’s most striking mountains both share the wisdom of their approach to using inputs with Susie Emmett. But aside from the precision and painstaking attention to detail what really shines through is the pleasure and pride they both feel in farming to the very highest standards.

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LEAF - A Fresh Fruit Salad

Marion ReganRefreshing, enriching and a revitalising treat that helps when the going gets tough: perhaps that could be a description of what LEAF can do for it's members. It is certainly what the fantastic fruits from LEAF Marque farmers do for those that eat and enjoy them. Marion Regan, from the UK's fruity county of Kent, and Ernest Abloh, in the heart of pineapple-growing region of Ghana, enthuse to Susie Emmett about the fruits they grow according to LEAF principles of Integrated Farm Management.


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LEAF - Going Global

British agriculture and LEAF’s Integrated Farm Management is world-renowned for being a leader in it’s field. But should that only be in fields in the British isles? On the sunny south coast of England, Nathan Delicott of Barfoots of Botley explains to Susie Emmett why he believes that for a farming company - or LEAF itself - going global is a good idea. This podcast also hears from some of the first smaller scale farmers in Africa who are working towards LEAF Marque certification for the fresh produce they export to UK.

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LEAF - Sharing Success

LEAF’s Open Farm Sunday is a fantastic success with visitors. Each year in June tens of thousands get a unique chance to see farming in action in the UK. But what are the benefits to farmers as host or guest? To find out the answer to that question Susie Emmett meets farm manager Andrew Nottage, who hosted a very successful Open Farm Sunday in Cambridgeshire, and green bean farmer Peter Kanyuru attending the very first African Open Farm Sunday, in Kenya.

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LEAF in Action - Flower Power

Blooming marvellous is the scene in LEAF Board member and farmer Matthew Naylor’s fields in Lincolnshire. Firmly focused on farming flowers, and other crops, to LEAF principles under the big skies of Lincolnshire, Matthew also sees the bigger picture and the relevance of LEAF in other parts of the world as well. Deep amongst the delphiniums, Susie Emmett hears about Matthew’s farming approach and also reports from the fields of smaller scale farmers in Kenya. Farming to LEAF Marque standards in order to supply Waitrose is just the business they need to secure their farming future and that of their community.

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