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The LEAF Marque is a food label you and your customers can trust.

The assurance scheme, developed by LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), is based on environmentally responsible farming principles which support farmers to produce good food, with care and to high environmental standards.

Offering a wide range of produce from vegetables and salads to cooking oils and flowers, the LEAF Marque is a respected global environmental standard delivering benefits to consumers, farmers and the environment.

LEAF is the ‘one stop shop’ for you to address environmentally responsible farming issues globally, and by stocking LEAF Marque produce, your customers will enjoy food they can trust from farmers who care – not only about food but the countryside, and the wildlife it sustains.

And that’s not all.  Your customers can now find out who produced their LEAF Marque produce by visiting "Who produces it?" and entering the LEAF Tracks number on-pack to find out more about the farmer behind their food. 

LEAF, its services and operations, is at the cutting edge of sustainable food and farming, working in collaboration with others to ensure a prosperous global agriculture. 

LEAF Marque farmers care for the environment by:

  • Carefully managing hedgerows to provide habitats and food for wildlife
  • Using pesticides and fertilisers only when absolutely necessary
  • Leaving a strip of land between hedgerows and crops to act as a habitat for as a wildlife
  • Recycling on-farm waste and conserving energy
  • Improving water efficiency and quality

Many of these farmers open their gates to the public, so your customers can find out for themselves about the work of LEAF. For further information or to become a member of LEAF and show your customers you care about their food and the environment visit.

Small and medium size retailers who are stocking LEAF Marque produce can join LEAF as a LEAF Marque Buyer and seller or if you are a Farm retail outlet as a farmer member and be promoted in the LEAF Marque supply chain directory.

If you are a retail brand and the LEAF Marque logo is applied to your brand then you must be a member of LEAF.

Email: [email protected] for further information.