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Wholesalers and Distributors

The LEAF Marque is a food label you and your customers can trust. The assurance scheme, developed by LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), is based on environmentally responsible farming principles which enable farmers to produce good food, to high environmental standards.

What can Wholesalers and Distributors do?


LEAF Marque Services for Wholesalers and Distributors. 

LEAF Marque producers are the industry leaders in Integrated Farm Management (IFM) and give special consideration to the environment and sustainable farming. As part of this whole farm approach to food supply, LEAF Marque operates a range of information services that support and promote our members and the commitment they make to food and farming.

Who Benefits?

LEAF Marque services are for the whole food chain. For consumers and retailers there is the LEAF Tracks service where shoppers can use the LEAF web site to identify a LEAF Marque producer through their pack label and LEAF Marque number.

For producers, buyers, processors, markets, retailers, and the LEAF Marque certification system itself, LEAF Marque operates a range of secure business services that allows buyers and sellers to trade in confidence.

The LEAF Marque scheme uses the services on the LEAF website to manage the LEAF Marque standard, it's assessment points and reporting systems. This system provides an integrated information resource through which a range of traceability, promotional and information services are made possible.


LEAF Marque checking and tracking services keep buyers in touch with what is happening in their supply base. These services are used to check the status and other details of all certified LEAF Marque producers. Buyers can check individual producers or track many producers at once. Email alerts and summary reports provide an easily managed audit trail of production standards.

Product Sourcing

LEAF Marque provides buyers and industry professionals with a supply chain directory of all its producers, packers, processors, distributors and retailers who are members of LEAF. The supply chain directory can be used to find the closest producer or seller of a specific type of product thus reducing food miles, or a single producer or seller who can fulfil a range of product requirements.

The directory contains full contact information for all LEAF Marque producers, packers, processors, distributors and retailers who are members of LEAF lists the products they produce and sell, are certified for, and gives their LEAF Marque certification status for producers.