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Speak Out 

The communications toolkit to help tell our farming story really well….



Public interest in food and farming is growing.  We have Countryfile as prime time television on Sunday evenings and countless food and cooking programmes.  As an industry we have a huge opportunity to communicate our story but we need to do it really well!  The Speak Out communications toolkit has helped hundreds of farmers improve their skills in getting their message across to other farmers, the industry and to the public. 

LEAF can organise training which is interactive and fun and provides the support you need to put on a really good farm visit.  The training can be bespoke and flexible but will cover the core elements of activities, health and safety, planning a route and other specialist areas such as websites and podcasts if required.

The Speak Out CD rom is an excellent tool full of top tips and ideas to help you, this also includes tackling some tricky areas and gives guidance on how to answer some of the most challenging questions…

For more information, please contact [email protected]