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Why Join LEAF?

Five Great Reasons to become a member

Join LEAF and save money –

LEAF members can demonstrate tangible financial and environmental benefits delivered through Integrated Farm Management (IFM). In a recent survey of LEAF members 66% of LEAF farmers agreed with the statement ‘by adopting LEAF and IFM principles we have benefited financially’, on average each farm saved £14,000 (or £40.00 per hectare). 

Join LEAF and maximise your environmental performance and support

Through adopting the LEAF Management Tools, such as the LEAF Audit and the Green Box membership will help support you in making the right business decisions for your farm and maximize the potential of your environment and natural resources. 

Join LEAF and help minimize regulatory interference

The regulatory bodies are increasingly recognizing LEAF farmer members for their attention to detail in their management practices and those completing the LEAF Audit or carry out LEAF Marque are see as less risky businesses.

Join LEAF and position your business for the future

LEAF provides a forum by bringing together may of Britain’s most progressive farmers with some of the most innovative and successful food retailing and processing companies as well as the farm supply and service sectors to help our members be prepared for the future challenges with smart and innovative solutions as we develop Integrated Far Management (IFM)

Join LEAF and strengthen your market opportunity

Whether you get involved in our Speak Out training, become a LEAF Demonstration Farmer or follow the LEAF Marque route membership provides you with the tools to demonstrate your environmental and business commitment

LEAF farmers care about the countryside for you to enjoy today and tomorrow

LEAF connects the public and farmers in many ways, including Open Farm Sunday and a national network of demonstration farms that are open all year round for visits.