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Membership benefits

As a farmer member and LEAF Producer group you will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to the LEAF Sustainable Farming Review
  • Access to the Green Box
  • The IFM Hand Book
  • Supporting LEAF Board
  • LEAF Lapel Badge
  • LEAF car sticker
  • Annual review
  • LEAF Letter
  • 30% discount on LEAF notice boards
  • Access to the LEAF Virtual Farm walk
  • Access to the LEAF Information Centre
  • Ability to become LEAF Marque certified

All for at least 17 pence per day!

Growers outside the UK may need to specifically request some items.


Join LEAF and save £14,000 (you can’t afford not to!)

In a survey of LEAF members, the average saving for adopting LEAF’s Integrated Farm Management was £14,000 or £40 per hectare. 64% of the LEAF members agreed that they had found savings by adopting LEAF’s Integrated Farm Management.

The survey also found that 84% of LEAF members had improved their environmental performance by adopting LEAF’s Integrated Farm Management.

The opportunity for farmers in all sectors to join LEAF, adopt LEAF’s Integrated Farm Management and save money whilst improving the environment is compelling.

The survey used data from 100 members covering 44,000 hectares of land with a range of enterprise types from cereal farms, fruit, vegetable and livestock.

Join LEAF Now

For more information on the survey contact: [email protected]