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Worth Farms Ltd


Farmer: Simon Day
Address: Fleet Estate, Office Holbeach Hurn, Spalding, PE12 8LR
Website: www.worthfarms.co.uk
Twitter: @Worth_Farms and @simonjeday

Worth farms is a farming business located on Holbeach Marsh, South Lincolnshire. The 2,300 hectare arable farm is a subsidiary of A H Worth and Company Ltd where the production of potatoes, vining peas, wheat, sugar beet, brassicas, salads and energy crops are grown over an eight year sustainable crop rotation.  

The Farm

Worth Farms is a 2,300 hectare farming business on Holbeach Marsh in South Lincolnshire. We grow a variety of vegetables, arable, root and salad crops and are committed to farming our land in a sustainable and responsible way.


Crops for food

We follow an 8 year sustainable rotation growing potatoes, vining peas, wheat, sugar beet, brassicas, speciality salads and energy crops. Potatoes are the main crop produced primarily for the retail sector. A small amount of our potato crop is sold when they are harvested but the majority is stored in our own state of the art storage facilities for selling throughout the season. It is our mission to provide every crop from the best possible field conditions to optimise yield and quality potential. We apply this principle throughout our farming operation, whether it is on rented land, contract farmed or land we own. We are proud to be LEAF Marque certified which provides independent, third party recognition of our commitment to producing the best crops in a sustainable way. 



The principles of Integrated Farm Management (IFM) run right across our farming business. We farm in a sustainable, responsible and sympathetic way without jeopardising our productivity. It is our policy to continually improve our practices and be sensitive to our environment and ecosystem. We have a long tradition of maintaining and improving our landscape features and wildlife habitats through good soil management, rotational hedge and dyke cutting, management of 6 metre buffer strips and conservation headlands. Marsh Harriers have successfully nested on the farm for the last ten years and Barn Owl numbers have steadily increased through careful habitat management. We minimise the use of plant protection products where we can and continually look at ways to reduce our energy use and minimise wherever possible.

We feel strongly about promoting British agriculture and the work farmers do to protect and manage the countryside. We have been a LEAF Demonstration Farm since 1997 and regularly host visits to the farm for local schools, farmers and a wide range of interest groups. We also take part in open Farm Sunday- the farming industry’s national open day. 

About LEAF Demonstration Farms

LEAF Demonstration Farms are commercial farms, which show the beneficial practices of Integrated Farm Management (IFM) to a broad range of audiences, through organised visits. They communicate an understanding of IFM in order to encourage uptake by farmers, support from the industry and political awareness of sustainable food and farming. For more information, visit archive.leafuk.org.

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