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LEAF Monitoring and Evaluation programme

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Mission

The LEAF Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) mission is to increase the understanding of the environmental, social, political, organisational and other impacts of LEAF’s activities. The continuous M&E programme augments the scientific basis, benefits, value and the impartiality, transparency and inclusiveness of LEAF’s activities.

The Public System Report on Impacts describes LEAF’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system. It is intended to ensure transparency and demonstrate compliance with the ISEAL Impacts Code. Please see more information about LEAF on the LEAF website.

All our reports can be downloaded from the annual reports page  

Contact page for LEAF staff: http://archive.leafuk.org/leaf/contact.eb

Roles and Responsibility of M&E Programme 


The process of monitoring and evaluation is embedded culturally as all staff are managed and developed based on results and continuous improvement. The M&E plan and staff performance monitoring are inextricably linked; however, specific M&E roles and responsibilities are defined below:
  • M&E Champion – The Chief Executive, working with governance boards, determines LEAF’s strategy and primary objectives, sets targets and steers the M&E group both informally and formally at governance, management and technical meetings.
  • M&E Group – In addition to the Chief Executive, the M&E Group works collaboratively to shape policy, define impacts and contribute to the continuous development of M&E. The Group is comprised of the following:
  • M&E Planning – The Operations Manager is accountable to the Chief Executive for the production and development of the LEAF M&E Framework and plan and, working with the M&E Group, ensures the plan is monitored, reviewed and delivered.
  • M&E Technical Team – The LEAF Technical team members identified below, work collectively to develop and refine indicators, collect and evaluate data and provide regular reports on outcomes.
o Chief Executive (Chairman)
o Sustainability Manager
o Certification & Assurance Manager
o IFM Manager
o Technical Assistant
o Technical Assistant (Projects)

The LEAF Marque Board has allocated part of the LEAF Marque budget for M&E for research as well as the addition of staff time. Responsibilities will be apportioned as follows: 

In the first instance the Operations Manager should be contacted about LEAF's monitoring and evaluation.