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Information and resources

Here you can find many useful documents and articles about LEAF and IFM. If you are a member you can find more guidance in the LEAF Sustainable Farming Review and Information Centre by logging into MyLEAF.

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    • Guidelines for Environmental Risk Assessment and Management, Green Leaves III.
      Generic guidelines for the assessment and management of environmental risks intended to guide policy and regulatory staff in Government and its agencies, those assessing and managing environmental risks for Government, and other parties in the principles of managing environmental risks.
      Published 19/01/17
    • Sustainable Food - A Guide for Hospitals
      This document outlines "How can hospitals assure sustainable food service provision?" it quotes LEAF Marque as an option and gives further information on LEAF Marque
      Published 19/01/17
    • LEAF Open Farm Sunday 2017 checklist
      A checklist for host farmers planning for Open Farm Sunday 2017
      Published 09/01/17
    • LEAF Annual Review 2016
      A review of LEAF's 25th year
      Published 22/12/16
    • LEAF Global Impacts Report 2015 (Published March 2016)
      LEAF's announces significant progress in delivering more sustainable farming
      Published 11/08/16
    • LEAF Annual Review 2015
      The annual Review of 2015 for LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming)
      Published 21/06/16
    • LEAF Farm Walks and Talks
      These activities have been chosen and adapted so that you can host a farm visit that will engage your visitors and give them a fun experience to remember. Taking part in a hands on activity will help them remember the messages that you give them.
      Published 15/04/16
    • Energy Monitor
      Simple Excel spreadsheet to monitor energy use and convert to Kg of CO2 produced.
      Published 23/12/15
    • LEAF Simply Sustainable Biodiversity
      Simply Sustainable Biodiversity is a booklet to help farmers monitor, manage and enhance biodiversity through the adoption of Integrated Farm Management (IFM). Based on Six Simple Steps, it outlines practical ways for farmers to manage their land for food production as well as for wildlife.
      Published 24/09/15
    • LEAF Impacts Report 2014
      Our third global Impacts Report - showing the impact LEAF members and LEAF Marque certified businesses are making in the delivery of more sustainable food and farming across the globe.
      Published 24/09/15
    • LEAF Annual Review 2014
      The annual Review of 2014 for LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming).
      Published 24/09/15
    • Sustainable Intensification Platform (SIP) – LEAF’s Involved!
      LEAF is involved in a new Defra funded research project on Integrated Farm Management and its role in delivering Sustainable Intensification. The project, which runs for three years, will look at ways to increase farm productivity while reducing environmental impacts and enhancing ecosystem services.
      Published 11/07/14
    • LEAF Global Impacts Report 2013
      Our second global impacts report shows a significant increase in the number of farms across the globe achieving LEAF Marque certification and in the amount of land grown to its standards. It also reveals that LEAF farmer members are showing steady progress to more sustainable farming.
      Published 11/06/14
    • What can farmers learn from science to improve the nutritional value of our food? : Health by Stealth
      The agricultural systems that have been built up over the past few decades have contributed greatly to alleviate hunger and raise living standards; they have served the purpose, but only up to a point. Our current food system is largely driven by economic demand and production possibilities, not nutritional goals.
      Published 02/05/14
    • IPM Legislation
      Changes in the legislation on the use of pesticides - What is changing, why and how will it affect you
      Published 20/12/13
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    Quick links to top documents

    Energy Monitor - Simple Excel spreadsheet to monitor energy use and convert to Kg of CO2 produced.

    Simply Sustainable Water - Six Simple Steps for managing water quality and use on your land.

    Simply Sustainable Soils - Six Simple Steps for your soil to help improve the performance, health and long-term sustainability of our land.

    Simply Sustainable Biodiversity - Six Simple Steps outlining practical ways for farmers to manage their land for food production as well as for wildlife.