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Linking Environment And Farming

Membership Rules

(Pursuant to Article 62 of the Articles of Association)


1.1 The first members of the Charity shall be the subscribers to the Memorandum of Association.

1.2 All Trustees for the time being shall be members of the charity.

2 Any person interested in, connected with or engaged in agriculture, the agricultural, environmental or food trade or industry or as a member of public, shall be eligible for membership.

3 Every candidate for admission as a member shall make an application on the appropriate form, to the Registered Office

4 Admission of members shall be on receipt of full payment to LEAF.

5 The Registered Office shall register the member as of the date of the receipt of payment of the appropriate subscription and send him a copy of the Membership Rules and a copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association on request.

6 On payment of his first subscription he shall become a member of the Charity and be entitled to all the benefits and privileges of membership, and be bound by these Membership Rules and the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

7 If the first subscription is not paid within one month of the date of request, membership is void, unless he shall satisfy the Trustees that the delay in payment was through sufficient cause.

8 Annual subscription rates shall be determined by the Trustees. The Trustees shall announce all annual subscription rates, which will be applicable from 1st November next ensuing. Changes in rates are advised to members not fewer than 28 days prior to the 1st November.

9 All annual subscriptions (except the first subscription by a new member) shall be payable within year from the original joining date and annually thereafter.

10 If any member shall fail to pay his annual subscription within one month of the due date, notice shall be sent to him calling his attention to his failure to pay. If such subscription is not paid within two months of the due date the Trustees may terminate his membership.

11 A member struck off for failure to pay his annual subscription may, upon written application to and at the discretion of the Trustees, be entitled to membership provided always that all arrears of subscription is paid.

12 Any member may resign his membership by giving notice in writing to that effect to the Chief Executive at the Registered Office. Every such notice shall, unless otherwise expressed, be deemed to take effect as from the beginning of the month next following its receipt. 6 Feb 13

13 No member who resigns shall be entitled to a refund of the subscription paid in respect of the year in which he resigns and he shall not be liable to pay his subscription for the following year.

14 A member convicted on indictment of any criminal offence, or adjudged bankrupt, or go into liquidation or make a composition or arrangement with his creditors under the provisions of any statute, or do or suffer any equivalent act or thing under any applicable law, shall immediately cease to be a member of the Charity, but the Trustees, in their discretion, shall have power to reinstate him.

15 If at any time the Trustees are of the opinion that the interests of the Charity so require, it shall be their duty by letter, to invite a member to withdraw from the Charity, within a time specified in such letter, and in default of such withdrawal to submit the question of his expulsion to a general meeting.

16 A general meeting to consider the expulsion of a member shall be convened within six weeks of default of voluntary withdrawal of membership. Not fewer than four weeks notice of the meeting shall be given to members.

17 A member whose expulsion is to be considered at a general meeting shall be informed by the Chief Executive of the time and place of the meeting and of the nature of the complaints against him in sufficient time to afford him a proper opportunity of preparing his case.

18 At a general meeting convened to consider the expulsion of a member such member shall be afforded the opportunity to offer an explanation of his conduct verbally or in writing and if after that two thirds of the members present shall vote for his expulsion, he shall immediately cease to be a member of the Charity provided that the voting at any such general meeting shall be by poll if not fewer than five members present at that meeting shall so demand.

19 It shall be in the power of the Trustees to suspend from membership any member whose expulsion is to be considered at a general meeting until the decision of that meeting is reached.

20 Any person who for whatever reason ceases to be a member of the Charity remains liable for any arrears of subscriptions or other sums due from him and shall not be entitled to the return of any subscription already paid.

21 Every member of the Charity shall from time to time communicate to the Chief Executive at the registered Office his address or that of his banker or agent and all notices sent by first class post to such address shall be considered as having been given on the day following the date of posting.

22 The Trustees shall have power to elect honorary members upon such terms as they may determine. Honorary members shall hold Office until the annual general meeting next ensuing. Honorary members may be re-elected. At no time shall the number of honorary members be more than twenty.

23 Honorary members shall be entitled to all the benefits and privileges of membership except that no honorary member may be a member of the Executive Committee or vote at a general meeting.

24 Honorary members shall not pay annual subscriptions.

Amended 23/01/2014

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